Christmas is coming up soon. You should have some Christmas cards to reflect who you are! We have those cards.

They come in sets of 10 with white envelopes.
They are flat (non-folded).
They are 210 x 95mm / 8.25 x 3.75″.
They are on glossy 80lb cover paper.

Also they have OMBWOOKITDAWIDDLEBUNNIE on the cover. That’s Noelle, showing off her best happy Christmas face as a youngster last year.



10 cards/envelopes with...
14 days shipping $14.99 CAD
7 days shipping $18.99 CAD
3 days shipping $26.98 CAD


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Hello there from some BfB Bunnies dressed in their best!

BfB bunnies in hats #2

BfB bunnies in hats

We’re all dressed up while we wait to be adopted!

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Here is Jack in the park prior to being rescued.  He had an eye infection, mangled ears with missing pieces and an abscess that required surgery.

Jack, Dutchess

Here is Jack now with his new friend Dutchess.  All healed up, ready and waiting for a new life as a house bunny in a rabbit loving home!

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Rusty’s Babies

An adorable group of baby bunnies!  Eight of the babies were born to park bunny Rusty shortly after she was rescued.  Two of the babies were abandoned babies that joined the eight and were then fostered by Rusty.

R's babies  Rusty's babies #1  Rusty's babies #3   Rusty's babies #4

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R.I.P. Tim

Tiny Tim at Canada West (August 2011)

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img_4372 (2)

Victoria is lovely young bunny. This little girl was discovered in Minoru Park by some caring folks, who reported her to us. She was very unsteady on her feet and falling over as a result of suspected head tilt. Victoria was rescued, treated, is doing great and only occasionally loses her balance now.  Victoria would make a wonderful addition to a loving family who knows how to accommodate her special needs.  Victoria lives with her good friend Bullwinkle, another rescued park bunny.

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Huey (2)

Huey has been through more in his life than any rabbit should ever have to go through.  Huey was discovered wandering confused and disoriented roadside with the worst facial injuries we had ever seen. With treatment Huey recovered from his facial wounds, however an old leg injury caused him ongoing pain and discomfort due to reoccurring abscesses.  Eventually Huey had to have a leg amputation in order to permanently put an end to the infection and the pain he was in.  Huey is now a survivor of the horrific time he has had as a recovering abandoned park rabbit.  Huey is ready to find a loving foster home, experienced in special needs rabbits, and ready to help him put forever in the past the sad and painful memories of his early life.  Huey, you are truly an inspiration to us all!  Huey was a loner bunny, but recently has made friends with Lavender and they now share accommodations at BfB.

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