About the Rabbits

Pet rabbits are abandoned all over the streets and the parks of the city of Richmond, B.C.  As former pets, these rabbits are not able to survive on their own.  They end up malnourished, injured, sick, hit by cars, and attacked/killed by predators, both animal and human.  These rabbits need help.  A few of them are fortunate enough to be rescued and then provided with medical care, food and shelter.  Those rabbits then become available for adoption in loving, rabbit-savvy homes.

If you are interested in adopting a rabbit, please check out the Adoption & Volunteer Contact page for contact information.  Adopting a rabbit is a big responsibility as rabbits require a lot of care, attention, $$ and can live up to 10 years.  But if you have done your research and feel a rabbit would be the right addition to your loving home, then a pair of house-bunnies may be right for you!

If adopting a rabbit is not for you, then please consider volunteering to help the rabbits in other ways!  Again, check out the Adoption & Volunteer Contact page for contact information, if you are interested in volunteering your time a few hours a week to help the rescued rabbits in care through clean-up and socializing with them.

One Response to About the Rabbits

  1. Gloria Lauris says:

    Hi, there is a tiny black bunny near the south entrance to the Richmond hospital (along grassy patch towards Gateway theatre)…not sure if s/he was abandoned, but it is always alone and seems very young for this. Possible rescue?

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